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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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....... went to TOMAR last week, and would heartily recommend it to anybody remotely interested seeing a living testimony.

As befits an important historical centre, there are sights galore as well as a modern bright river-straddling heart, although notwithstanding the readily available tourist information, we found a little advance reading to be a well-rewarded preparatory step. Others have since told us about a selection of equally quaint, not outrageously expensive Hotels in the vicinity. Plus WE also had the good fortune to meet and enjoy a couple of beers, a chat, and an exchange of Knightly legends with a North East UK couple having a break from their Algarve home.

A few empty and `Liquidacao`  shops, yes; but the town itself was bustling, spotlessly clean and tidy and offered a considerable choice of cafes and Restaurants (with a range of appropriate prices; after a little bit of price comparison, we managed to find what turned out to be a French-run eatery, and had a Portuguese meal, served personally by the Portuguese kitchen Chef-lady; and all, including half a litre of wine between us for change from 14 Euro for the two!).

The main square is overlooked by the Palace of the Order of Christ (formerly the Portuguese section of the Knights Templar), and I can only say, having visited a fair selection of castles etc around this and other regions, that this really did emphasise the differences -in scope layout and scale- between the two types of building.
Doubt I have ever spent so much time literally enjoying surprise after surprise at the numbers, the variety (of purpose(s)) and the decoration of so many rooms. And I`m sure I counted at least eight separate courtyards, all tucked away until you had actually stepped inside!

(PS 6Euro entrance fee; but a bargain for a busy two or more leisurely three hours of constant delight).

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