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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

As we approach another Christmas, thought it might be a sensible time to glance over the shoulder at what seems to have been a particularly busy year `doing` very little*.

Unless I’m too strong on the fast forwarding (don’t really think so) that period will have included completing a pedestrian `flange` of paving around the bungalow, painting the remaining (house-side) wall, (G) continuing to make massive strides in the garden, re-visiting Gibraltar, and developing numerous other extravaganzas, including ways to spend any funds anticipated as / hoped to be still available once Europe has imploded!

*Or, put another way, another year seemingly of being very busy whilst actually achieving very little!

Looks like we managed to get our year of state-sponsored (Portuguese) language Night Classes in just in time – as with most things in the public domain & budget, further education has now been severely cut back, and there being no follow-on class this year, we assume this is our own `one crack`. EVERYthing has been hit by the ill-judged, ill-intentioned, illegal and incompetent actions of the wa-, sorry, Bankers (aided and abetted by `our leaders`, spending, as they do, our money, rather than  their own). Hardly seems like only a few years ago peoples of the world were enjoying relative prosperity. Was that only the 1950`s?

Times are certainly now (already) getting tougher in Portugal. We’re still managing to eat out at lunchtime, and live generally in reasonable comfort even with our modest means, given largely fairly flat prices. But there are fewer places to go, less choice when we get there, and once again a more noticeable dearth of sensibly priced options for an evening slot – especially Mondays (!) or out-of-season.

We have managed to keep in touch with several of the night class set, and, as it happens are out to-morrow evening for a(n ex-pat) Christmas `do`;
plus, we’ve become aware and acquainted with a number of new regular markets, including a car boot sale (with English books!) up country!

So; onwards and upwards.

The really bitter cold (for us; it still won’t often be `below` overnight) has yet to arrive, and we’ll no doubt be only as non-fully prepared as we’ve gotten so far when it does happen; but we WILL undertake improvements that should be fully effective next winter. That could range from installing dehumidifier unit(s), at least South-facing external wall cladding, perhaps  a porch to the kitchen door  …..   right through to the less-likely option of building our extension.

Watch this space!


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