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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Sunday, July 11, 2010


...... or Pressure Boiler, or something. Whatever.

Having been sufficiently busy over this past few weeks (waiting for rain to stop, waiting for sun to cool, waiting just for the sake of it (we`re retired!),  waiting for workmen to finish , waiting for fish to grow,  etc., etc) - to the point where, for the first ever Broadband-equipped era occasion I hadn`t even logged on for 48hrs+), was beginning to think that the run-in to the King`s return in late August would be quiet         -----     BOOM!
In the past fortnight or so, we`ve actually HAD a four night sleep-over in the cottage, and, although one is yet to confirm, it looks like a pretty well full uptake through to mid-September: may not even get the `lower kitchen` false ceiling in as anticipated - although largely following on from the after-cottage-courtyard- patio creation/build, and the preparatory work in the garden, what had been about number four on the "for this Winter" list, is sort-of proceeding as I type.
Yep; it`s been busy.
Now, Tour de France watching is interspersed with tales of mayhem in Geordie-land, and a text from Jason (int` Borneo) saying he`s been sleeping with a cowl of Bamboo rats.
Be back when we`ve waded through this latest assortment.


I know, incidentally, bunches of rats have little to DO with monks or chimneys, but it somehow sounded appropriate.

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