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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Sunday, February 07, 2010

As always (in life, in Portugal and here in our first publishing venture) we are feeling and finding our way. There may be no interest whatsoever in my ramblings -especially in concentration- but given almost any encouragement <I`m also experiencing the thrill of learning as I attempt to put the whole thing together> the hope would be to improve in the fullness of time. Apart from cutting down all but the latest ‘post` to become a series of “historical reference(s)” the intention (not yet reality, because I don’t know how!) would be to include items of more practical value, such as introductions to culture and customs, touristy guides to this not-overly-well-documented area, or the Portuguese house-buying process step-by-step – all from our point of views as eager participants and learners.

Ultimately, the whole process will be a function of the number of and the interest shown by readers; so here’s a final plea. I’m sending this to just about anybody whose e-mail address I know. YOU must not only feel free, but virtually obliged to pass the whole lot on to as many as possible of your contacts. Not just potential Brown-escapees, you understand, the culture Editors of local rags (though that would be welcomed), or people who you think might have met us in 1964, but anybody with the ability to read.

Equally, please remember that you can (& preferably will) add any comments directly to the blog (thus for all to see) – just click the Comments line at the bottom of the piece about which you have something -ANYTHING- to add, and proceed.

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Mortimer Sturgess said...

Very impressed. Sow the seed, wait for broadband and hey presto!
Never mind photos... it will be video clips by the summer.
Talk soon.