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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 - a summary ?

Christmas Greetings from Maurice & Geraldine

2007 has been not so much a blur -or even a frenzy- as a controlled experience in climate control management!

When Spring took so long to slip into Summer, perhaps we should have at least suspected (we didn’t), but it has been successively overly wet, overly hot and overly dry, resulting in serial spells of not really being able or inclined to do much at all to a mad gallop intended to clear up as much `fieldwork` (clearance, burning, course husbandry(!), general maintenance etc.) as possible before the wet and/or cold hits us.

Overlay that with trips to Lourical, firstly to continue working in the cottage garden, through tending and watering transplanted shrubs etc., to beginning to clean up the bungalow in preparation (for whatever), and finally to keeping an eye on road construction (!)

You might begin to understand that there wasn’t really anything much new happening anyway.

On which latter front, even though Gordon’s (it’s never even going to SOUND as good as TonytheBastard, is it?) past twiddlings are inevitably catching up with the UK -having the inevitable knock-on that we’ll struggle to shift Casais in the short term- we’re still way way ahead of the game – and certainly our plans. Life here remains every bit as good as we’d hoped for. Not only as indicated by our lack of a staged disappearance or flight to Panama (wouldn’t have minded the catatmaran from Gibraltar, but it would HAVE to have had an engine!), but we really couldn’t say anything else. And now that retirement’s been well and truly achieved, we only really have to wait until we can stop working …….

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