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Remember this folks ......

Remember this folks ......

Friday, January 20, 2006

December `05

As we approach three years working at being retired here in Portugal, enclosed is a selection of some highlights offered without further explanation (you’ll take whatever you want out of them, and certainly we can give any further explanation or clarification required), but accompanied by just a few notes: -

1. Shouldn’t spoil anything, but apologies both for both some dodgy picture quality (camera to video, to edited video, to DVD!) and (largely missing) commentary. Noted, thunk over, and capable of being improved, possibly remedied. We’ll get better.
2. Disc sections included are a basic intro to oor hoose, a summary of the main events so far, a separate bit about the field, and a closing selection of highlights from Christmas 2005 which we spent in Figueira da Foz, the local resort for the Portuguese. Along with existing field layout as illustrated overleaf, EVERYthing on view we consider ongoing business.
3. A few of our visitors we sadly missed altogether (movie-wise) hence the still photos. Not to carp, but this and other omissions are invariably traceable back to shortness of time and an inability to fit in everything considered necessary to see and enjoy on a first trip. ALL visits are of course appreciated regardless of circumstance, but this really emphasises the importance of trying to make a trip over extend to at least a fortnight here .
4. Perhaps not surprisingly, we DID manage a fair few shots of Cally with her children Joshua and Tiger (though, totally unintentionally, we have nothing of her husband Jess) plus, as recently as last month, Jason and his girlfriend Jane.
5. Hope you enjoy, & maybe we’ll see YOU soon.

Geraldine & Maurice.

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